MVSA Starting Up the 2015-2016 Year with a Bang!

First General Meeting / 091715

The team brought it back after ClubsFest went successfully well! With the promise of fun games and delicious free food, the crowd that attended the First General Meeting was spontaneous and entertaining to mingle with. (Everyone’s acting was incredible, got to admit!)

Thank you to those that came out and made the night incredible, with a special shout out to UVSA for dropping by!

Rep Interviews + Formation of New Exec Team

After the meeting, sign-ups for rep interviews were posted! A large number of those who attended the First General Meeting agreed to give it a shot for a position on this team, and the exec team experienced quite a journey determining who would make the cut.

A new addition to MVSA this year is the Sub-Committee, managed by both Cultural Directors Ashley & Jenn; this allows those whom couldn’t make the rep position still have opportunities to be involved with the team for Ignite/Pangaea.

Congratulations and welcome to the new representatives of MVSA this 2015-2016 year! Their lovely faces + biographies can be found in the “Executive Team 2015-2016” tab above.

Cheap Dinner / 100815

poster v4

Hype it up, hype it up! One of our most successful events is back: Cheap Dinner!

With intense behind-the-scene planning, shout out to the new representatives for suggesting, finding the location, and making a majority of the menu for the night happen!


For an enormous turn out, the team still handled it with obnoxious laughter and good vibes. A special and very big thank you to everyone that dropped by — the food was sure amazing, but we hope you had just as an incredible time as we did!

Whatever happens at Cheap Dinner, stays at Cheap Dinner.


See you next time at our upcoming events, everyone!


MVSA On Ice poster 2


Welcome back Marauders to another semester of super duper fun and exciting events. We are so stoked to be bringing you our very first Winter event for 2015!

For the last couple of years we have held skating events, and they have all been super popular with our members and Execs, so why not keep going with the tradition? But this year, we are also having dinner at Sapporo’s! Skating + Sushi = Perfection [Am I right, or am I right?]

Come on out to MVSA On Ice on January 19th, 2015 for some chilly, outdoors fun! And then join us afterwards for some delicious sushi at Sapporo’s.

Hope to see you all there!

Fall 2014 Events Recap

Hello everyone! Sorry for being so MIA about this year’s events. As we all know, school is hectic and sometimes you forget to do things you really should do! But I’m back now, and hopefully I stay on track (fingers crossed).

So because I haven’t been around, I’m going to do a quick recap on all the events that MVSA has held so far! For pictures and videos, please go to the Pictures and Videos tab (for 2014-2015; I will upload them as soon as I get a chance, I promise!).

First General Meeting

first general meeting poster

For our first General Meeting of 2014-2015, we decided to give it the theme of the Moon Festival! We had a turnout of 40 people, which was just so amazing and wow! Thanks guys!

We held the first part of our event in IWC, where we played some ice-breaker games that really helped  MVSA Execs and members get to know each other in many different ways. Shout out to David Le for leading the ice-breaker games, they were really fun!

Next, we had our lantern making and scavenger game and then a BBQ at the Lambda House to finish the night off. The food was great, the company was even better, and we made so many new, valuable friends!

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated. It was such a success and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

Cheap Dinner

cheap dinner 2

cheap dinner 4

This is probably one of my personal favourites for events because CHEAP FOOD! I mean, come on, who doesn’t like cheap food? And I have 50+ people to prove it!

What a fantastic turn out! The Lambda House was full of people! We were so excited to see that so many people showed up, and that everyone was enjoying themselves. And the food! The food was great, wasn’t it? The fried rice and spring rolls and shrimp chips and che and seriously, I could go on forever, it was all so yummmy all the execs and reps for working so hard to make this event happen! They put in so much work and effort and love into the food, and we could definitely taste that in the food.

And because of the success of that night, we might consider holding another Cheap Dinner in the second semester. *Le gasp*! DID WE ALL HEAR THAT RIGHT?! Yes! There might be a SECOND Cheap Dinner! With even MORE food, and MORE fun and MORE people! Doesn’t that sound so fantastic?! So keep your eyes and ears open for news because you never know, it might just happen!

Pimp My Pumpkin

pimp my pumpkin

PUMPKIN CARVING!!! Does anyone else feel like they’re in grade school again?? Shoutout to Kevin Sotto and Ashley Nhan for coming up with such a cool idea! We had so much fun just preparing for the event [getting pumpkins and supplies] and we had an amazing turnout of ~25 people, and a total of 10 teams! And the pumpkins! They were GORGEOUS!!!! Definitely take a look at the pictures that I will post because WOW! I am so jealous of the talents of our Execs and members, they really outdid themselves!

It was so much fun, and it’s definitely something that we would want to do again. Leave a comment and let us know if this is something we should bring back next year!


trick or eat

We also did another Halloween event, but this time, we joined MacBreadBin in their campaign Trick-Or-Eat, where teams of McMaster students went out into the community to gather canned goods and other essentials to donate to the less fortunate. Shout out goes to Ritchie, Thai-Son, Ashley, Christy, Jessica, and Jennifer for representing MVSA! (they went as Mad Scientists, check out the pictures!).

Also check out this link to see where all the proceeds of Trick-or-Eat went!

Secret Santa

Secret Santa was our last event for Fall 2014, but it was only for Exec members. This is why you should totally join our team next year, because we hold the BEST Secret Santa meetings ever! You can check out some pictures in the Pictures and Videos tab.

Wow! What a fantastic semester! We are so blessed to have had so many wonderful events that had successful turnouts. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we’re so proud to be a part of McMaster’s Vietnamese Student Association. We can’t wait to share so many more events with you, and we look forward to all the more fun, food, and cheer that is always at each and every MVSA event.

Thank you everyone!

Pool and Pho with MVSA :)


It’s time to meet again with MVSA ! 🙂

Have a break from midterms and catch up with everyone from the MVSA team once again with a chill night at Pho and Pool!

What: Pho and Pool!
Where: Guava Vietnamese-Thai Cuisine and Boulevard Billiards, we will be meeting at COMPASS @ MUSC!
When: Wednesday, February 13, 2013, please meet at compass at 6:45!
Why: To take a break from midterms and eat delicious pho!

If you need to contact someone, please text one of the Execs at: (604)446-6595

**Don’t forget to bring your memberships for discounts at Guava and your friends!

Thank you for coming out !

Thanks to everyone who came out to MVSA’s Maquerade Formal 2012!

We also want to thank our sponsors, DJ, and photographers as well as execs for hosting an amazing night. It was definitely full of fun games, drinks, talking, laughing and dancing.

We hope everyone had a great time, but judging from the pictures (and the drinks consumed that night) everyone had a blast!

You can find the pictures on our Facebook here as well as some that will posted on our website here.

MVSA Masquerade Formal



MVSA’s Masquerade Formal will be held at the Festival Banquet Centre on December 1, 2012 !

Location: Festival Banquet Centre.
Location: 747 King Street East, Hamilton ON. L8M 1A4

Time: 7:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Early bird tickets will be sold at $50 UNTIL NOVEMBER 18

Regular tickets (after November 18) will be sold at $55

This comes with a night filled with a delicious dinner, awesome music and dancing, fun games and OPEN BAR (Yes, that means all you can drink! (19+)).
The first 50 people to purchase tickets will get FREE masks at the door and there will be raffles to win all night long!
It will be a LIVE night, so we better see you there!MASKS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!

Please e-mail us at, text an executive or contact us through our Facebook friends page at McMaster VSA to arrange ticket purchases.

Also our event page on Facebook can be found here

We will also be holding table times at MUSC on:

Thursday, November 15 @ 8:30-5:00
Tuesday, November 20 @ 8:30-5:00
Thursday, November 22 @ 8:30-5:00
Tuesday, November 27 @ 8:30-5:00
Thursday, November 29 @ 8:30-5:00

Mike Tran: (289)242-2529
Tony Ly: (289)489-3597
Nancy Nguyen: (647)606-1438
Linh Tran: (905)923-4599
Yuyen Nguyen: (905)599-7971
My Le: (647)567-2955
Jennifer Ha: (905)577-3845
Veronica Nguyen: 905-920-0718
Kevin Luu: (416)732-5410
Judy Tran: (289)880-0288
Vy Ngo: (519)240-7847
Emily Liu: (647)890-4169
Alice Tran: (289)775-7927
Quan Nguyen: (647)467-8850
Ritchie Truong: (289)775-4879
Thaison Tang: (647)785-4579
Yankees Nguyen: (416)428-0300

Fear Factor 2012

MVSA hosted their very first annual fear factor last night and can we just say WOW our competitors were unlike anything we’ve ever seen before!

We had four brave teams that went through our challenges like they were absolutely nothing. Eating everything and participating with absolutely no hesitation. This year we had a series of challenges:

1) Digging through a mysterious concoction with only your mouth for marbles

2) A wonderfully cooked 5 course meal full of brain and tongues and everything bitter

3) Blindfolded while looking for a key in a cup (full of sand and maggots)

We had a tie of two teams at the end with Team Win and Team Sushi! After hosting a tiebreaker of who could eat a mixture of ALL the things we made that night the fastest, would be the winners of the sushi dinner (:

Congratulations to TEAM WIN (Aaron and Joanna) for taking home the prize !

All pictures can be found here